Saturday, September 15, 2007

WNY Heritage Magazine with the Race Car Driver

I just bought my first issue of WNY Heritage magazine. It obviously has been out for a while, since this is Volume 10, and I may have even seen it in the past, but I never actually focused on it before. It's a bit pricey, but well worth the money. It is very high quality paper and has a selection of well written, in-depth articles with many historic photographs and illustrations of history in Western New York.

The Summer '07 issue is currently on the stands, for a little while anyway. In it there is an article on midget car racing in the old Buffalo Civic Stadium. This may sound familiar, as it is something I wrote about in the article about Parker alumnus ('47) Bill Rafter. Sure enough, Bill gets a mention near the end of the article (page 51), along with a picture showing him driving in a winning race. Of course, there's a current picture of him in the Parker Reunion pix, sans car. The article is written by Keith Herbst, author of a book on auto racing 1935-1960 in our area, called Daredevils of the Frontier.

Later on, as I was browsing through the Definitely Buffalo Store in Main Place Mall, I came upon an assortment of back issues. Rather than return them to the publisher when the new one comes out, the proprietor keeps them as an edition to the historical books she carries. So I picked up another one. I'll probably end of with one of everything she has!

I have quite the collection of non-fiction books and magazines that I've read part of, and mean to get back to "someday", and that I use for references. The WNY Heritage magazines are worthy additions.

*UPDATE* I have read the entire Summer '07 issue and am working on the other one now. The magazine is definitely very interesting!
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