Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Clarence Class of '72 Banner is Up

The Clarence Class '72 banner is finally flying high in the sky! It is located on Gunnville Road, about 3 poles down from Main.

Rumor has it that the Class '61 also bought one and wanted it over by the Town Park, but I haven't roamed that way in search of it yet. I'm also not sure if any other class put in an order. If there are any more around town I'll put up the pictures when available. That way those scattered around the country, or otherwise out of touch, can see them too.

There may be some of you without a clue as to what I'm talking about...The Town of Clarence will be celebrating it's bicentennial next year and has been actively promoting it. One of the projects involves the placing of banners throughout the town, sponsored by individuals, groups, and businesses. More information is available at the Bicentennial website.

Those of you from the Class '72 email list have already seen the picture that Howard Payne took. I tried too. However this one, taken by Karen Roberts McPherson, managed to accomplish the seemingly unobtainable lately - blue sky!

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