Saturday, October 11, 2008

Clarence Teacher - In Memory of Herbert Bosch

Long time Clarence school teacher Herbert Bosch passed away on October 2, 2008. I never had him for English, but Budd Bailey ('73) recalls him as the teacher that cured him of any interest in reading Shakespeare after junior year elective. However he's willing to concede that Shakespeare was more to blame for that than Mr. Bosch.

The '69 Saga had a two page photo spread in appreciation of Mr. Bosch, and I borrowed a few of the pictures to share here (photo from later years appeared in the News).

From the Buffalo News:

May 16, 1923 — Oct. 2, 2008

Herbert A. Bosch, a retired Clarence High School English teacher, died Oct. 2 in Mercy Hospital. He was 85.

Born in Port Jervis, the Elma resident came to Buffalo with his family in the late 1920s. He attended School 54 and Fosdick- Masten Park High School.

A Navy veteran, Mr. Bosch served on destroyer escorts in the Pacific, Mediterranean and Atlantic theaters during World War II. After the war, he received his bachelor’s degree in education from Wagner College and his master’s degree in education from the University of Buffalo.

Before retiring in 1984, he taught for 31 years, starting at Cattaraugus and Amherst Central high schools. His last 25 years as a full-time teacher were at Clarence High, where he was known for singing “The Night Before Christmas” before the annual holiday break and once narrating a school band performance of “Peter and the Wolf” in Kleinhans Music Hall.

After retiring, he was a substitute teacher at Iroquois Central High School for many years. A lover of history and nature, he volunteered at Tifft and Beaver Meadow nature preserves and was president of the Elma Library board.

Surviving are his wife of 61 years, Carol Kenline Bosch; five sons, Peter, Stephen, Jonathan, David and Daniel; two daughters, Kathy (Sister Ambrosia) and Janey; a brother, Paul; and a sister, Ruth Becker.

A memorial service will be at 3 p. m. Oct. 25 in St. John’s Lutheran Church on Woodward Road in Elma.

BOSCH - Herbert A. October 2, 2008. Beloved husband of 61 years of Carol (nee Kenline) Bosch; father of Peter (Laurie), Stephen, Jonathan, Kathy (Sister Amvrosia), David (Kathy), Daniel (Melanie) and Janey; grandfather of 19; Opa of 15. Mr. Bosch donated his body to UB. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to Hospice Buffalo, Inc. or Tifft Nature Preserve. Memorial service to be held October 25th at 3 PM in St. Johns Lutheran Church, Woodard Rd., Elma.

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Budd Bailey said...

When I sent the obit around to high school, I got a few funny comments:

"He was a good guy. I took his course 'The Bible as Literature' which didn't give much encouragement to read the Bible any more."

"I remember him. I would like to inherit his voice now that he's gone."

"I remember him as Mr. Kon-Tiki, Thor Heyerdaul's aquatic journey across the Atlantic. He was a guest teacher in 6th grade from the high school to cover this book with us Ledgeview elementary punks. We were so in awe of a real high school teacher. Never did have him in high school, probably because I knew I hated Shakespeare before he had the chance to reinforce it."

Gypsisoul said...

Mr Bosch was my English teacher and to this day I still "ready" all my new books with the folds he taught us to make so that our books would last forever. He was one of my favorite teachers. It may have been 30 years ago but I can remember sitting in his class like it wasy yesterday.........
rest in peace my friend
Cyndie (Rindfleisch) Tozzo

Barb M said...

As time passes, many may not know that Mr. Herbert Bosch's brother, Robert Bosch, was also a teacher at CCHS. It was unusual to say the least, that there were brothers as high school teachers - in the same school. Similar to Herbert, Robert had a memorable character and had the aility to bring history to life. He died very young, might had been the summer of 1969. Herbert remained at CCHS for many years afterwards. I believe we were fortunate to have had both of them as teachers. Does anyone remember his imitation of Queen Maude?

Anonymous said...

My name is Amy Bosch and Herbert Bosch was my grandfather. He taught me to love reading when I was a child. He was the best grandpa I ever had. He would sing crazy songs to my sister and me, plus all of his other grandchildren. I know sing the same songs to my own children.

My grandpa is one of the reasons I am now a middle school history teacher. I just hope that I can be as great of a teacher as him. I will miss him very much and I am glad to know that he inspired his students as much as he has inspired me.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bosch taught English at CCHS to both my sisters, and to me. He was a memorable 'character' whose presence went far in relieving the typical classroom doldrums. He will be remembered, fondly.

ameethest said...

He was my great-grandpa and i loved him very much i still wish he was here and with us this day he died about a week before my birthday.

Palladio said...

He was a wonderful English teacher--great to hear how others learned to ready their books from him, as I had.

He seemed immensely intelligent and patient.

I had no dull English teachers at CCHS.

Anonymous said...

One of the best days of my life was spent in a Summer Enrichment class at the Albright Knox Gallery led by the 3 Brothers Bosch: Robert (Humanities), Herbert (English)and Paul (Chaplain at Syracuse,who drove a pale blue convertible. Their dazzling intellects & delight they took in each others' company added to a brilliant day. Being taught The Iliad and The Odyssey by Herbert Bosch and hearing his reading of Agamemnon in a gorgeous , booming voice that God would have coveted, was one of the highlights of my wonderful Clarence education. In the October Skies Days, Herbert & Robert sponsored trips to the Ontario Shakespeare Festival, plays at U.B. and other Buffalo playhouses.I took Russian History classes at U.B.and Russian language classes at Clarence,as well as Latin, French and Spanish. Herbert&Robert Bosch & John McGreivey created an education that I have treasured.It more than matched the private school education of my friends & surpassed my Honors College & graduate school classes. That Herbert Bosch, in addition to being a pater familias, taught such an inspiring, high-level English class that I was privileged to attend, just amazed me. The Bosch brothers demonstrated such dignity,character& such a deep love of knowledge & such intellect. These values carry forward: my son has been a college professor, dean,chaplain, minister and a world-class college debater. In his spare time, he teaches 2 classes at Harvard.Herbert & Robert Bosch were 2 transcendent, iconic teachers that I will never see the likes of again. I am so grateful. They were simply the best. Bonnie Sebera Class of '63