Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Weird Tales

Believe it or not, I hadn't seen the December 2008 edition of Buffalo Spree until yesterday afternoon. I'm still reading it, but already have come across references to "Hooded Knights on the Niagara" and Mike Rizzo's knowledge of Mob lore, this time concentrating on Buffalo (I'm actually more familiar with Mike's book "998", which is about Buffalo's retailing history).

Eerie coincidence, as I just wrote about these subjects the last few days.

And the cover! There are more throughout the magazine also used to introduce different subjects. That was part of what drew me to the magazine, besides the tales of scandal in Buffalo's history. I used a romance comic book cover just a few days ago myself when writing about the Buffalo Sabres.

Far from copying, as I hadn't seen Spree yet, I used to read these things back in the day, along with versions of Weird Tales, including Creepshow (the comic book) by Stephen King. I could relate, you might say.

From Spree's Facebook notes:
"Every region has its share of controversial happenings, from truly infamous crimes to merely ironic mishaps, and Western New York is no exception. This month we explore exciting tales of mob bosses, shady mayors, unsolved mysteries, and society murders. We’ve even tracked down some sports controversies and put together a scandal map and timeline. Spree might not know where all the bodies are buried, but we’ve certainly got some fascinating stories to share. It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world, and WNY has contributed its share."
As far as I can tell, back issues of Buffalo Spree aren't available through their website, but maybe you know someone who has it in their magazine rack. Too bad I didn't pick this up when it first came out in order to give you a chance to buy your own copy...Lots of research went into this fascinating issue. Good read!


Anonymous said...

Becky, Not sure if you know about Mike Rizzo's Mob Tours. Took the tour and highly recommend it to those who find interest in the larger-than-life figures from the past. Look at www.mobtours.com for more information.
Barb M.

t47smith@aol.com said...

Becky, just want to let you know I purchased the Dec 08 issue of Buffalo Spree today at their main office. Cost $3.95 address: 100 Corporate Parkway 2nd floor. Amherst.
They have them in stock at this location during regular bus. hours.