Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hutchinson Memorial Chapel

In honor of Extreme Makeover choosing a home on Massachusetts Avenue to rebuild for a very worthy family, today's church will be from the same street, in a stretching it kind of way.

The Episcopal Home pretty much takes up a full block and located at 1 Massachusetts and extends down Busti to Rhode Island and over to Columbus Parkway aka Seventh Street. Connected to it at the corner of Busti and Rhode Island stands the Hutchinson Memorial Chapel of the Holy Innocents.

The chapel was built in 1895 by Edward Hutchinson in honor of his parents. There are stone memorials on either side of the front entry, which are hard to photograph through a chained fence with a point and shoot, but I tried. I even contemplated sliding under a raised portion of the gate but decided that perhaps present day body wouldn't fit. Perhaps.

Side note - Hutchinson Technical High School on South Elmwood is also named after Mr. Hutchinson, as he used to own the land on which it is located.

The chapel is connected to part of the home complex via a cloistered walkway.

The Episcopal Home and Chapel now fall under the category of buildings affected by the Peace Bridge Expansion Project, further explaining all the boarded windows. Allegedly the chapel will be moved and serve as a visitors center. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful old church(chapel). Would have loved to see it as it was. I hope their not going to bulldoze it for the sake of progress. What a shame that would be.

Peter Cares said...

This is a great pictures of a memorial chapel