Sunday, December 20, 2009

St. Mary's on the Hill

As I pulled up to Niagara and Vermont Streets on the West Side of Buffalo something seemed amiss (more so than usual) at St. Mary's on the Hill across the way. Ah - something like the top of the wall.

The view from Vermont exposed even more. The insides appear to have been carted off at some point in time. Curiously, the doors are still locked.

Originally intended as a companion for the Episcopal Church Home on Busti and Rhode Island...

...back in 1872, it was expanded many times, the last being in 1892. The church last held a service in 1994. It changed hands a few times since then and has disintegrated to this, a mere shell of its former self.

(Pictures taken in February 2008 of a more complete St. Mary's on the Hill are available on Buffalo Rising, from back when there was still some vague hope of resurrection)

1 comment:

stephanie of stopbouncing said...

oh no, the "red mark of death!"
(well, it would be read, if the door wasn't red already)