Friday, January 8, 2010

The Statler Revisited

Last August I roamed around the Statler on Delaware taking pictures and compared them here to some stills from The Shining. This past week I decided to revisit it before it is possibly "mothballed" which is the equivalent of a death knell in the City of Buffalo. I mean, it worked out so well for the Aud.

The pictures are finally loaded to my Statler page on Picasa, labels to come at a later time. More chandeliers are included, even though it annoys me that I can't capture them exactly how they appear to my eyes...

...and even the ladies room off of the Golden Ballroom where it's apparent New Year's Eve was in its recent past.

Outdoors shots too, even though that will be there to enjoy for a while.

Some pictures are a bit pixelly, but my point and shoot did the best it could...and you wouldn't throw out pictures of a treasured friend just because they weren't coffee table book quality, would you? Well, I hope not anyway.

At the bottom is a video shot by WGRZ that shows the Golden Ballroom "live" with the couple that will soon to celebrate their newly wedded life there. Enjoy!

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