Monday, February 15, 2010

Family Farm

I was looking to see if I could find some Parker High/Elementary School related photographs for an alumni of '75 (which I think makes him a Clarence alumnus of '81 ot thereabouts). Reason being is that there's a new Facebook page for Parkerites (?) and a photo of the school was lacking.

Now I know my mom's yearbooks probably have some from the 40's, but I was into a right now kind of thing.

So I scanned a picture from Oneta Baker's History of the Town of Clarence.

For good measure I also sent along a photo I took of Jared Parker's monument in Forest Lawn, where he is seen favoring the Napoleanic look. I wrote about him previously here.

Then I went back to the book to see if there were any more pictures. Reading a bit more on Parker who had donated much money for a large school, later known as Parker, of course.

I noticed buried within a paragraph that at one time he lived on Lapp Road, at what later became known as the Hartwig farm. My great-grandparents! They were the ones without electricity, and the grandchildren looked forward to spending the night and playing checkers by candlelight.

Recently I had attempted to take a picture, but the house is back at the end of a long driveway, the way a lot of farmers set up their land, and I didn't want to go up all the way up. Didn't want to get out of the car in case dogs were roaming around either. At least they moved the school bus. Anyway, the picture is what it is.

The Hall family lives there now, but the farm acreage is now undeveloped County land and is known as Beeman Creek Park.

The things I learn by reading, and would have learned sooner if I didn't hop through a lot of non-fiction books. Now you can say you learned something today too :)

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