Sunday, May 2, 2010

Delaware Avenue Baptist Church

The Delaware Ave Baptist Church, which was founded in 1882, is located within the Linwood Historic Preservation District and consented to allow tour participants in after services to revel in the splendor within its doors.  Built 1894-95, the style is considered Richardsonian Romanesque-Byzantine as designed by John Hopper Coxhead.

An information sheet was handed out as we entered the church, and it is quotes from it that I will attempt to tie in with my photos in the following:

"Five Roman arches supported by Corinthian columns form the entrance...

Inside, notice the antique-white mosaic floor inlaid with green, blue, rose, and yellow cubes both at the Delaware Avenue entrance and at the front rostrum. One million mosaics are contained in the front platform (and) drop like an unrolled rug over over the front side and come to rest near the front row of pews...

On the platform stands an Ionic pedestaled marble lectern and 2 white marble chairs...Overhead the ceiling is domed...10 angels painted by Charles and Walter Greene carry a message from Psalm 91...The organ was built by Johnson and Sin in 1895...framed by an impressive Roman arch...The instrument is the last tonally unaltered three-manual Johnson organ in WNY..."

People were on hand to answer questions and point out details, including the custodian, who also does restoration work as well as play the piano. It is evident that large,old buildings require much work, and priority has been given to the spaces most often occupied while the rest, mainly the large balcony area which circles half the church, is being renewed as time and funds permit.

The interior was designed by J & R Lamb of NYC who were principal competitors of Tiffany in this field. A few examples of the stained glass, including the overhead skylight:

The beautiful church also serves as an example of how a congregation can preserve not only its message but also the building, if the will is there.

(top photo, full view of exterior, by Shes History which I found on flickr; the rest are mine)

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stephanie of stopbouncing said...

it's amazing how much beauty is inside some building around here... like you'd never expect it and there it is.
thanks for sharing!