Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Art-In at St.Vincent's Orphanage

This was going to be some nice wordy post to explain the pictures, but I've been procrastinating a bit...what else is new...Instead, a brief explanation:

St. Vincent's Female Orphanage (I didn't realize it had been gender specific; read history if you're interested) is being renovated, and by this August it will be reborn as the Health Sciences Charter School!

Meanwhile, an Art-In was held there last Saturday, organized to bring attention to a site worth preserving, and in part to celebrate that it is becoming a reality!


STEELE said...

Who is the photographer with the bellows camera?

Becky said...

Sara Zak might know...I think I heard his name, but I promptly forgot it :(

MEG said...

Mark Severson.