Sunday, June 24, 2012

Theodore Redlein - Forest Lawn

Many times I have walked by the cenotaph (person buried elswhere) erected in Forest Lawn in memory of Theodore Redlein. It is close to a roadway, so I was sure that he would get a flag on Memorial Day, but I bought a small one, just in case. Nope, so I stuck it in the ground, thinking maybe I should have spent a few more quarters on the next size up...

The boy scouts and other volunteers put in place hundreds of flags in the more traditional burial area for those who have served, so maybe this being on the other side of the expanse is why it wasn't on a list.  Wouldn't have been the only one. Maybe because he's actually buried in Belgium. At any rate, it was just something I felt a need to do.  Later on I went by and the urns had been filled with geraniums!

Again, don't know if this was another walker/jogger, family, or there are arrangements with the cemetery to take care of this. However it worked out, he now is definitely remembered! Later, I went to the store to pick up a larger flag.

I also found some of his background online, including this:

Thank you for your service Lt. Redlein, and for giving your life....

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