Monday, May 11, 2009

Buffalo in the 1930's

The public works projects of the 1930's built much of what we take for granted today in the City of Buffalo and elsewhere. WGRZ did a nice piece on the results a few weeks ago:
Notable WPA Projects:
  • Alden Sewage System installed
  • New Amherst Schoolhouse
  • Best Street Stadium
  • Broadway Auditorium Renovation
  • Buffalo's New Airport
  • Centennial Park created
  • Clearwater Reservoir
  • County Park Improvements (Como, Chestnut Ridge, Sheridan, Emery)
  • Delaware Avenue Improvements
  • Elk Street Wading Pool
  • Erie County Sewing Project
  • Household Training Class
  • Lovejoy Branch Library
  • Manhattan Quarry
  • 174th Regiment Armory overhaul
  • Wales Center Burying Ground converted to modern cemetery
  • "DeWitt Clinton's Ditch" - filled in a 5 mile ditch that was once the Erie Canal between Buffalo and Tonawanda
  • Holland Town Hall
  • Zoo Improvement
  • Buffalo Public Library Renovation
  • Demolition of Elmwood Music Hall
  • Major Renovation of Buffalo Parks
  • Riverside Park Renovation
  • Topographical Survey of Niagara River and Lake Erie along Waterfront
The original focus of this newscast seems to be current federal stimulus money, however I found the photographs and history presented here fascinating on their own:

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Rhea said...

The WPA was amazing. Here in Boston on my street there is a library on the corner built in that period.