Friday, December 16, 2011

Discards: An Epilogue (Goodell & Mulberry Streets 1956)

As a wee lad William Robert came to America with his family in 1914 from the area of United Kingdom now known as North Ireland (which was not established until 1922). His father's birthplace was Drumfin, over in the Catholic part, and I'm not so much guessing that things were a bit unsettled there, what with a War of Independence to start in 1916.

Father Adam already had 3 brothers and 3 nephews here (and a sister in Oregon), so Buffalo was a natural destination for the family, which included 8 children. William Robert was the youngest.

Somewhere along the line William Robert bought a camera and started taking pictures.  The slides that came into my possession were all dated 1955-1957. Most were scenery type shots, and I forwarded them on to folks who might appreciate them more, but I kept a few.

Even though these have family in them, they are distinctive also for the dense neighborhood that once existed in the area of Goodell and Mulberry Streets, stretching on down to Virginia and all points around.  It's now known as the start of the Goodell ramp onto the Kensington Expressway.  The rest has been leveled....Urban "Renewal"...been "shovel ready" for nigh on 50 years now...

Back in the 50's a service station was located at 223 Goodell at Mulberry. The family lived nearby and many members worked there at one time or other.  May have even owned it for all I know, seeing as Father Adam's brother Arthur once owned a gas station at 179 Ellicott at the turn of the century.  Gave jobs to his brothers and nephews when they first came to America...another story there.

Anyway, I had hoped the slides would turn into better pictures, but having chosen convenience over perfection, it is what it is....A blast from the past...

William Robert passed away in 1987, the last of his siblings.  I wish I could say that I remembered them better, but since they were my grandfather's cousins, you can guess where that went...But at least these slides were someone's discards these past 24 years, so that they could become treasures again!


fix buffalo said...

This is really an amazing post. Thanks for all the pics.

Anonymous said...

I am a relative of the Goodells who settled Ecorse area. These pictures are interesting to me. If you have any more of the area that I may use (with permission) in the family tree book I am writing please contact me: Thank you! ~Sidney Persing