Wednesday, December 28, 2011


If you read the Buffalo News lately, you might be aware that Clarence alumnus ('99) Chad Michael Murray has written a graphic novel (intense comic book) called Everlast. While he will be at the Barnes & Nobel on Niagara Falls Boulevard tonight at 7pm signing copies, you can pick one up now if standing in a long line potentially filled with giggling females isn't your thing.  I got my copy last night.

Not having had the time to do more than glance at a few pages quickly, I have no in-depth review to offer, but that won't stop me from making a few quick comments:

- The idea for the story line came from a conversation with and/or literature left by a familiar door to door religious organization...He answered the door???

- That said, most ideas for stories come from random observations, and the subject matter lends itself to an excellent "What if..." scenario.

- I had read some conjecture online that Murray is merely expanding his public footprint, however that seems a bit cynical to me.  In my opinion, he was able and is motivated to do something that really interests him, and that's always a good thing and worthy of support.

- In the picayune category, I would have preferred a soft cover instead of the hard cover style...more comic bookish...

Everlast is available in bookstores and online (where it's less expensive)...Who knew that B&N online was separate from the store and had different abilities to price things?  Fewer real people to employ, more computerization...Support a brick n mortar bookstore and go pick up a copy of Everlast!

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