Friday, February 13, 2009

Breaking News: Plane Crash in Clarence Center

Those of you in Clarence Center already know, but for those not local or who haven't turned on a television yet, there's breaking news: Continental flight 3407 with 49 people on board crashed into a house in Clarence Center on Long Street near Clarence Center Road (by the fire hall). All have perished, in addition to one person on the ground.

I would hope this also would put an end to local discussions as to the need for all the units of the volunteer fire companies in the Town of Clarence.

Links for updates and information:

Sobering picture slideshow on MSN video/Associated Press



WIVB-TV (live coverage right now at 5:25 am)


The Buffalo News

(video shot by resident appears below, from WKBW viewers input)

Thanks also to my cousins across the Atlantic Ocean who emailed me immediately with concern and caring. I retire early, and I read my email before turning on the news this morning.

Thought and prayers for all the victims and their families.


George Atkinson said...

Been watching all night and praying for the families involved. Wall to wall coverage on FOX cable, but not many details on local Clarence Center impacts. Although the volunteer fire department got very good coverage.

PaulBuckley14059 said...

The destroyed house is 2 blocks from one of my employees. There but for the grace of God...


Anonymous said...

Thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the area, Becky.

Christine said...

My co-worker was about a football field away from it. They heard the plane overhead and the crash when it happened.

She happened to in the neighborhood after the wake of her father-in-law. :(

I just can't imagine something like this happening here. :(

Tom Waters said...

This deeply affects all of us. My best wishes and condolences to those directly impacted by this horrible event. For a full weigh-in on the usual media exposure treatment, feel free to visit my site at:

Tom Waters

Anonymous said...

The first commercial plane crash with fatalities since 2006 and it happens in Clarence! Good Heavens. It was 3.3 miles from my childhood home. George, did you guys live in Harris Hill? I can't recall. Nearly all my family is in New England and has been for 35 years, but you never forget home. Our prayers are with all the bereaved. Lori

Nanette said...

I am so saddened by those who's lives were lost on the plane and the ground, but extremely thankful that the plane didn't skid through the heart of Clarence Center and that more lives weren't lost. And thankful to for our incredible fire fighters and the volunteer fire companies that not only have been subjected to recent criticism by members of the town board (and others) but also have NEVER been honored by the Clarence Chamber as Organization of the Year.

terry said...

Becky, I know you are familier with many folks in CC. The house in your photo is Anitia Schauberts(former teacher in the clarence system) Plane is about 80-100 feet from her front door. She knows the man in the house very well. CC is in lockdown. Very close to your Mother's home.
May God have Mercy on their Souls.

Anonymous said...

I am the President of the Clarence Center Vol. Fire Co. and would like to say thank you for the kind words that have been said about my company. As was suggested, I would like citizens of the town to voice their feelings regarding all of the recent criticism that we have been under to our town officials. We do not oppose oversight and responsible fiscal practices but we do oppose being told by uneducated politicians how to protect our citizens that it is our duty to protect. Thank you once again for the kind comments.