Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Next Day

The plane landed two blocks from my mom's house in Clarence Center. She's okay, and we're both grateful for all those who made contact (and those who thought about it). As I was talking to her last night on the telephone a plane went over. I could almost feel her cringe as she remarked on it.

Airplanes are constantly overhead. So much so that most times no one paid much attention, like it was part of the background noise. It'll be a long time before the people of Clarence Center feel complacent again.

The loss of a friend and neighbor hits home even more so than the crash itself. The Wielinski family was well regarded, not only in Clarence Center but also in the Cincinnati area that they previously called home.

Doug was a Vietnam war veteran, a chemist, a former marathon runner, a sports memorabilia collector/seller; also a husband, father, neighbor, and friend to many.

One neighbor will forever remember the generosity of the Wielinski family. At one time her garage needed painting but, being on a fixed income, she couldn't afford to have it taken care of in the immediate future. She became a bit stressed about it. No problem. Doug & Karen reached into their own good natures, bought the paint, and proceeded to paint the garage themselves. Great neighbors. The best.

Now a pile of rubble sits where a loving family once resided. The memories will live on.

Rest in peace.

(picture is a screen shot from Google Earth of 6038 Long Street, scene of crash)

(moving photo galleries Rochester Democrat & Chronicle; some pictures may bring tears to the eyes of even the detached from the immediacy)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Becky it's funny how blogging creates a second family of sorts in my imagination but as soon as I heard this news I thought of you. I guess all we can do is fall back on the way people around here really do seem to know how to pull together in times like this. My prayers and best wishes are with you and all these heartbroken families.