Monday, February 16, 2009

Curiosity in Clarence Center

It appears that the curious are descending on Clarence Center in droves; so much so that part of Goodrich Road had to be shut down again. I haven't ventured out that way yet. I had a feeling that in the initial stages "my mom lives over there" might not be sufficient grounds to get through. Then I'd cop an attitude. Best to stay put and talk by phone instead.

They have to investigate the scene with no interference, I get that. While the scenario is completely understandable, I'm sure I'm not the only one with a problem having to "show your papers and state your business" in your own hometown. One guy got arrested for being strident in his point of view.

While it's awesome how fast the state and federal governments came in and took charge, it's a bit scary too. Just like that some rights have been suspended and the town is under occupation, with local officials and residents no more than gnats. Many movies have been made on that theme, including "The Simpsons".

This brings out the type A & B reactions. Type A is compliant, the good citizen, resolved to do whatever the government demands, staying inside and insisting that the biggest event in this area since McKinley got shot doesn't pique their curiosity in the least bit. Type B wants to see how close they can get without getting arrested. The extreme B gets in the way.

Being more of a B type person, daughter of an A, I thought it best to wait until at least today to wander out that way. Or maybe next weekend.

Besides the family and friends of the victims, the residents of Long Street, especially in the same block, have it the roughest. Not only have they lost a neighbor and their peace of mind, not only do they live on the doorstep of a tragedy, they can't even go home. I don't think the neighborhood will return to anything vaguely resembling normal for a very long time.

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