Saturday, July 11, 2009

Architecture in Western New York

Many of the books about architecture in Western New York focus on the wonders that exist in the City of Buffalo. However, my mom had a copy of Erie County's Architectural Legacy in her archives that was news to me.

The book was originally published in 1983 by the now defunct Erie County Preservation Board (it has since merged with Preservation Buffalo Niagara) through the Erie County Department of Environment & Planning. It features all those architectural and historical wonders that exist throughout Erie County outside of the City. It's full of photographs and also contains the history behind each structure.

Erie County's Architectural Legacy was a labor of love, possible by combining the talents of Austin Fox (editor), Chris Duffy III (photography), Rix Jennings (graphics), and James Keysa (layout).

The book is available for $11.95 through the Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society - I just checked in person to make sure - however not through their online bookstore for some reason or other. Maybe purchase can be arranged over the telephone (716-873-9644), or else you could go there yourself to its location at 25 Nottingham, corner of Elmwood (near the 198 ramps).

The bookstore at the entrance can be browsed without paying to look at the exhibits, but what the heck, as long as you're there...

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