Friday, July 17, 2009

City Hall Tours

Even though I work within blocks of City Hall in downtown Buffalo I've never really gotten to know the place. Paying parking tickets or visiting other one stop departments doesn't exactly lend itself to an overall view. But that can be remedied!

Every day at noon Buffalo Tours leads a free one hour tour of City Hall from noon to 1pm. I'm gathering that there are descriptions of the various works of art and architectural located both inside and out as opposed to a blow by blow description of each department. I doubt if any City officials are on the meet and greet list for free either :)

The highlight may be a visit to the Observation Deck located at the top of City Hall. Imagine the view! Imagine the photos one could take! Unfortunately all I can think about is the guy who apparently decided to take a flying leap off the deck in 1976 and ended up on the flagpole. Sad, and totally gross.

I've seen a copy of a black & white photo of the incident, but there probably weren't a lot of pictures except for those by news photographers. This was well before everyone had some type of camera in their pocket at all times. Nowadays it might be all over the internet within minutes.

Anyway, take a tour sometime and enjoy the view!

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