Friday, July 31, 2009

Rocky and Chip

A few weeks ago I read that perhaps there was no need to scope out the site of the Buffalo Memorial Auditorium in order to try to figure out a way smuggle a souvenir under the fence. All one had to do was ask. Imagine that. Never crossed my mind, or rather, never thought it would work. So off I went.

When I got there a woman was hauling off a small slab of marble. So before the guy could get away I politely asked for a rock. Mistake. Should have specified marble or granite. However he did bring me a rock with sparkly things in it. Probably just concrete, but having forgotten most of what little I knew of geology, I can pretend it's something unique. Plus, it's mine! A while back I had pulled a little piece of brick under the fence, figuring that small was better than nothing. Now I'm wondering if I can get a hunk of marble...

My artifacts have been personified by naming them Rocky and Chip, in part to justify keeping them in the house permanently rather than tossing them in a rock garden like some other immigrants to the neighborhood. Rocky seen here with a neighbor's outside relics:

Then again, they're from the Aud, so that makes them special. However, a display case is not in their immediate future. Finally, here is the family portrait, Rocky with Chip on his back "He's not heavy, he's my brotherrr..."


Anonymous said...

Becky I think rooting for teams that fail is taking its toll on you...this is very funny all the same especially here where that damned aud is worth more to us than the Taj Mahal would ever be !

stephanie of stopbouncing said...

That's cute that you named your rocks!
And aren't those Demco guys just so nice?!