Sunday, October 11, 2009

Darwin Martin House & Greatbatch Pavilion

For the number of years that I've lived in Buffalo, I have never consciously sought out Frank Lloyd Wright's Darwin Martin house. Apparently when I first moved here it was in a state of decay, and any time after I just didn't make the side trip down Jewett Parkway, off of Parkside by the Buffalo Zoo. As a woman at work once informed me in a perfectly cultured voice, "That's Parkway, not Avenue", which is in a totally different part of the city.

Yesterday I meandered over that way in between various errands and shot a few pix when the hoards of people wandering around left an opening for a minute. An inside tour will wait for another day.

The glass enclosed visitor center is the Eleanor and Wilson Greatbatch Pavilion, which was built via their generous donation.

Beautiful buildings!

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nanette said...

You must have been sending psychic messages! It was just a couple days ago that I said to Dave " know... we haven't been back to the Darwin Martin house since they finished the renovation..."