Wednesday, October 28, 2009

View from the Stairs

The other day on the Weird Tale in Lockport (pt. 1) post, DocWu said in the comments section:
"The entrance to the raceway tours are in Upson Park and below the gravel lot you were in. A flight of wooden stairs leads down to it. But the office where you sign up for the tours I believe is in Old City Hall, on Pine Street, next to the locks."
I was there! First though, when I was in the initial parking lot I first looked towards downtown and saw off in the distance the top of an unknown-to-me building on Main Street that I had photographed earlier.

Then, as I was approaching my car, I saw the entrance to the wooden stairs across the way.

So of course I started down them and took a few pictures.

My wanderlust was starting to flag so I only went part of the way down the stairs before deciding it was time to leave. Some other time I'll be back, maybe on an actual tour of the Lockport Cave / Raceway!


David Root said...

Check out this site:

You will see pictures and read more about the Holly Manufacturing Company in Lockport.

Linda said...

The tall building is the original home of what now is First Niagara Bank. When built it housed " Farmers and Mechanics Bank"
There are some great artifacts and pictures in the lobby on the Charles St. side of the First Niagara branch at 55 East Ave.
Let me know if you'd like company when exploring Lockport. When I worked there I did not take enough time to check out all the interesting sites.