Saturday, October 31, 2009

Delaware Road in Wolcottsburg

Most spots noted for being spooky seem pretty tame at 10 o'clock in the morning, at least until you get out of the car. Even Delaware Road, which was known as Kupferschleeger Road in the old days.

Located in Wolcottsburg, in the northern area of Clarence, it is a mere 1.5 miles long. It's so narrow that it's difficult for 2 cars to pass in opposite directions.

It's long been rumored to be haunted:
"In the early morning hours of spring and fall driving down this old carriage road you can feel a presence of old world culture. If on the right night one can make out a man standing roadside holding a lantern, and two feet on the right or left you can see a young girl waiting with the man for something...Please do not stop, it may not be safe."
Yeah right...In order to explore a bit, one has to park at an end and walk in. The first and last half mile segments have had the trees cut pretty far back. It's that middle part you have to look out for. The trees soon surround you, reaching up in the sky and also reflected in the water on the ground. The atmosphere starts making you think that maybe there's something to those stories...

There are a few places where a path has been cut through. One area even has a clearing. The kids have found it. If it wasn't for the mud and the fact that I was illegally parked on a deserted road I might have walked back there. Really.

Some other time. Surely the ghosts don't come out until late afternoon or dusk...dusk to dawn...the haunting hours. Or maybe they're always there, hidden in the forest pools, waiting...

Happy Halloween!

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