Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Palace in Lockport

While growing up in Clarence Center going shopping in a different place usually meant traveling to Lockport. My road test was there too. I also had relatives residing thereabouts, so visiting was often in order.

My great-aunt Marguerite lived on Harrison Avenue, next door to a family with lots of kids. The Marotta's had a real bomb shelter in their back yard (a 50's thru 60's thing) and I thought that was really neat, even though I never saw inside of it.

Anyway, two daughters were about my age and they took turns going to the movies with me at the Palace Theater in downtown Lockport, which is across the street from the old US Courthouse and post office.

The adults must have been so eager to get us out of the house that they never noticed what was on the second half of the double feature. "Shaggy Dog? Have a good time!" Vivid memories include seeing Charles Bronson shot in the forehead while on a waterwheel in "4 for Texas".

A big favorite and probable source of a nightmare or two was Bette Davis playing twins in "Dead Ringer". I can still remember the plot, and it came out in 1964 when I was 10. Good movie, although I'm still leery of Great Danes, like the one that tore Peter Lawford to shreds in one memorable scene.

After the movies were over we would go next door to Jay's Drugs to use the payphone to call for a ride. Then we would hang out rather awkwardly for a spell, not having any money to shop with. I have vague recollections of wishfully looking at the soda fountain.

Now it's a nostalgia store called Olde Main Street.

More pictures and info are available at the website for the Historic Palace Theatre (source of Jay's Drugstore pix) and on Facebook, like this one:

So far I've been backtracking on my journey to Lockport last Saturday, and I still haven't gotten to the main reason I drove that way in the first place. Maybe tomorrow.

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kerrylynn said...

I have also been inside the Palace! I saw a movie there when I was younger and my father plays in a local band which had a performance there quite a few years back. Very nice photos you have of Lockport!