Saturday, July 17, 2010

Gardens on North Parade

There are only 2 days left to stroll down North Parade and view beautiful landscaping jobs that were donated as part of a group effort by various local landscapers (see here for an out of town viewpoint).  View and vote for the best ones that is.  The splendor will be there long after tomorrow.

I found myself getting distracted by the magnificent houses though.  Some need some work (and money to do it), some don't. It was a pleasure to see them all.  Their view is outstanding also as they all look out across Martin Luther King Jr. Park, which is right by the Science Museum (see blue line for specific garden walk area). This google map isn't entirely accurate in my opinion, as the museum is accessible from Best Street also and is in that x marked spot rather than where they have it...However I never knew how beautiful it appears from the back, looking from Northampton.

Just from the name "Parade" I knew it had been designed to be something special, and so it was.  From Buffalo Architectural History:
"The Parade, built in 1872, is intended by landscape designers Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux  for military drills and public gatherings. It quickly becomes a popular gathering place for the east side's German immigrants, who, like contemporary park users, frequently irritated nearby residents with loud and unruly behavior. The parade will be redesigned and renamed Humboldt Park in 1896.

The large circular fountain and wading pool will be added to thwart the use of the park as a vehicular shortcut. Olmsted will be deeply opposed to these changes but his firm, headed at the time by his son John, will proceed to alter the park at the City's request.

Humboldt Park (was) renamed Dr. Martin Luther King Park in 1978."
Back to the gardens and houses...I had 2 favorite houses at opposite ends of the street.  28/36 North Parade won out though, because I liked the gardens a tad better. Also the owner was outside watering and chatted a bit.  I had thought it must have been split into apartments at some point in time, but according to a real property search its still a one family house!

 At the other end was 84 North Parade with a totally different style (to my eyes anyway):

 And a few more on the street, although truthfully they are all beautiful - you should go see!

And finally, my Hospitality award went to a gentleman in mid block who welcomed everyone to the neighborhood yesterday evening without fail!   Thank you all for sharing!

UPDATE: Before and after pictures of all the homes, along with winners (mostly sorted by gardeners/nurseries, however everyone won something!

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