Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Other BP

It seems to me that the main business of Bass Pro has evolved into marketing itself as a savior of sorts.  It's selling a version of a dollar and a dream, except we're talking mega bucks into their pockets. Forget the fishing equipment, it's all about name and image.  Substance? Maybe ten years ago.

Every few days in the newspaper we are treated to quotes stating that this project would revive Buffalo.  A fishy smelling wad of money is being offered to the Common Council to overlook the Community Benefit Agreement that would guarantee a living wage be paid, among other things...this under the guise of helping to revive neighborhoods.

Steady jobs that pay a respectable wage are what will revive Buffalo, yet BP and the Harbor people somehow won't see the connection. Go figure.  Then again, the bribe is a one shot wonder and probably can be written off somewhere.

In another article a planner mentioned a bigger need for a mass of people canalside via an office building and the rest, including businesses, will come. Then elsewhere in the same paper HSBC is clearing its corporate throat, making noises about needing another building...You know, maybe by the waterfront.  Hello? Eh, they would probably want money thrown at them too.

Brian Higgins was right to tell Bass Pro to fish or cut bait, although I would just as soon let them swim away.  The last few years they've more resembled the high-flying but ruinous to its surroundings Asian Carp rather than any food fish.


stephanie said...

This whole thing needs to get done or left alone... 9 years?
It's not like BP is the ONLY retailer we could put over there- sure it makes sense, but there's so many more option, just to get something IN over there.

Nanette said...

Good riddance BP! All hype and no substance.

Anonymous said...

Yes I am glad to see their tailfins. What a hokey way to schlock up our waterfront anyway it's a blessing we aren't stuck with them.

Pauldub said...

Kudos for not only seeing what BP is, but acknowledging what it once was. I used to look forward to their catalog they same way we looked forward to the Speigel's Christmas catalog when we were young. Now it's overpriced shameless self promotion.